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Deliberate Plan Consulting, LLC. provides Continuity of Operations and Long-term Recovery planning, implementation, and management services to local, state, tribal, and territorial entities, and medium-sized corporations. 

As a Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB), Deliberate Plan Consulting, LLC. is committed to creating inclusive and innovative solutions to support our clients’ recovery. Our team of experts analyzes, research, develop, and implement equitable recovery strategies based on up-to-date data, best practices, and efficient processes. We help our clients put the pieces together to achieve an effective recovery.

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What sets us apart?

Panic Attacks

We have a combined experience that includes long-term recovery operations across the United States for disasters in all 10 FEMA regions and over 20 years of experience.


We bring comprehensive long-term recovery experience, including wildfires, hurricanes, tropical storms, floods, and pandemics.

Tools and Processes

We are a diverse team knowledgeable and experienced in data analysis, research, strategic planning, equitable program planning, and implementation to name a few capabilities. We make things happen!

Diversity & Equity

We understand the needs of the communities; we look like the communities we serve!

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Strategic Recovery Planning and Support

Program Implementation and Management

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