Deliberate Plan for your business

A step by step method to create a comprehensive contingency plan for your business:
  • Ten easy to follow steps. Each step provides specific questions to guide you thru a well thought out process of developing a plan specific to fit the needs of your business.   
  • Non technical language. The book/ workbook was written in a plain language, easy to understand. No academic or technical jargon. This book was written with one purpose, to help you draft your plan.

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In the Book, You Will Discover:

Threats to your business.

The first step is always to assess the risks. During this phase you will discover the real threats to your business, those that cold cause you to close permanently. You will also find solutions to minimize those threats.

How to improve business processes and operations.

One of the "hidden" benefits of planning for business interruptions caused by natural or human-made events is that you discover areas needing improvement in your business. You also find ways to optimize business operations.

How planning ahead will save you money and frustrations.

By planning ahead you will have total control, improvisation and quick fixes are not part of the plan. As such, you save money, time, headaches and frustrations now, and after an event.

How to make more sales and profits after an event, while everyone else is down.

Another "hidden" benefit of planning for contingencies is that you will take over sales and customers. While your competitors are down, you are raking the profits of being prepared and able to recover quickly.     

Before the Deliberate Plan©, we basically had no contingency plan. If you are a business owner and not entirely sure of what you need to think about for a contingency plan, this method can help you figure that out and give you ideas for scenarios you may not have thought about".

Crystal Greffard

What I really like about the book is… it’s not a book that you read from cover to cover, it’s a workbook. And it’s step by step on how to get your plan. By the time you go through this book, and if you fill out the areas correctly, you’re gonna have a solid continuity business plan for you. So, I highly recommend it!"​

Todd DeVoe, host EM Weekly Podcast

Why Wait? Get the book now (from Amazon):